Our History

1998. Our story goes back to the days we were known as First Asia Development. We partnered with a textile company called Jade Tree to benefit impoverished communities in Tibetan areas of China. We helped to connect their products with the global market and also performed community development projects to meet the daily needs of the people. Some of our projects included building a school, funding a local orphanage, and providing livestock.

2010. First Asia Development began a partnership with two sustainable companies based in northern India. These incredible companies provide employment, support, and hope to an impoverished area nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas. Our partners live and work in Rajpur, where they are raising their families within a loving community of artisans and team members from all over the globe.

2013. We changed the name of our nonprofit to JoyCorps to express our emphasis on bringing joy into the lives of people who need it most. We also brought on a full-time director and appointed new board members.

Today. We have since expanded our community development projects to support a growing number of partner businesses, all located in northern India and all devoted to providing sustainable work, fair wages, opportunity, and joy to their communities.


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