Our Mission


JoyCorps partners with entrepreneurs in the developing world to build strong businesses and healthy, thriving communities.


Our dream is that people in the underdeveloped world experience the joy of wholeness. To this end, we aim to bring holistic change by giving people the chance to work with dignity, to have healthy minds and bodies, and to live in thriving communities.


How is wholeness restored? In the underdeveloped world, the practical side of change needs to involve two powerful factors:

Jobs:  People living in impoverished places need jobs. Charity might be a temporary fix, but it is not a lasting solution. In order to experience real joy and lasting change, people need the chance to work their way out of poverty. To achieve this vision, we partner with social entrepreneurs who operate sustainable, for-profit businesses in the world’s most broken places. These businesses provide aren’t just out to make a profit; they are committed to making change. They provide steady work, fair wages, and good work environments.


Community Development:  People living in impoverished places need even more than jobs—they need change in every aspect of their lives. That’s where JoyCorps comes in. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that funds a variety of community development projects for the artisans employed by our partner businesses. These projects are designed for physical and social transformation and include daily meals, vitamins, medical care, education, vocational training, transportation, micro loans, and more.


Joy:  By working together, JoyCorps and our partner businesses can break the cycle of poverty and turn broken places into thriving communities marked by the joy of wholeness. Read more about our dream here.


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