JOYN in the Marketplace

We are so proud of our partner, JOYN, for being included in the new TOMS Marketplace.


For its new venture, TOMS selected just 30 companies (out of hundreds) that they believe share its mission to improve lives through business. These companies’ products are now available for purchase at the Marketplace site, with the idea that we can work together to do good in the world. With each item purchased, lives are changed. People are given jobs and medical care. Children are fed and educated. Communities are shown a way out of poverty.

Mel Murray, JOYN’s founder, visited the TOMS headquarters earlier this year and met with Blake Mycoskie and the rest of the Marketplace partners. It’s an amazing group of world changers, and we are honored to be part of something so beautiful. Please take a look at the selection of JOYN products for sale at the Marketplace, including a beautiful blue print that JOYN created exclusively for TOMS.

Mel at TOMS

The TOMS Marketplace has gotten quite a bit of buzz already, but more never hurts! So please, help us spread the word. It will do a world of good.

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Living in Community


We often talk about community development. We mean lots of things when we use those words: providing opportunities for holistic change in the lives of our artisans. Jobs, food, education, medical care, counseling—all those things that contribute to total health and wholeness.

Social health is an important component of community development, too. We believe people are inherently social beings who need to be in relationship with others. Think of the most joyful people you know, and I’ll bet a big part of their joy comes from the presence of healthy, thriving, solid relationships in their lives. Conversely, when relationships are broken or difficult, people hurt.

That’s why when we talk about community development, we put a lot of emphasis on that first word: community. To really develop communities, to bring holistic change to people’s lives, we think we have to be living in and among the communities we serve.

We’ve partnered with businesses (read about them here) whose founders have chosen to live and work among the people they employ. They don’t manage business operations from comfortable homes in the West; rather, they’ve chosen to live in India, to raise their families there. Our current group of partners is a diverse and growing team of Americans, Indians, Australians, Brits, Tibetans, and Nepalese who live and work together, who strive to take care of one another. Our team learns more each day about what will hurt our artisans and what will help them. We are driven by a belief that our lives shouldn’t be any different from the lives of the people we serve. Our aim is elevate their standards and readjust our own.

Community is a beautiful thing. It takes work, and it takes a great deal of humility. But when a community is transformed, and it moves from a state of surviving to one of thriving, it’s all worth it.

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