Give Us Some Space!

The great news: We just received a grant for $40,000 from an anonymous foundation for our building fund!
The challenge: It is a matching grant, which means we will need to raise another $40,000 before they will disburse the funds to us.


Our partner businesses, JOYN and Dehradun Guitar Company, currently lease small workspaces and offices spread across six different locations. We are already tight, but if we continue to grow at the rate we’ve projected, we will soon be bursting at the seams. We would like to begin work—building new facilities and renovating some existing structures—within the next few months.

The new facilities will provide not only vocational training and work spaces, but plenty of room for English and computer classes, a small school for our artisans’ children, and transitional housing for street youth who have left lives of begging to come to work.

It can be very difficult to purchase land in India, but amazingly we were able to negotiate a property rent-free for the next 30 years—if we can raise funds to build on the land. That’s a big “if.” The total amount required to build facilities that could support our needs for the next three decades is $180,000, and we have yet to raise $100,000 toward this goal.

You can help us!

1. Donate to our building fund here.
2. Use this flyer to spread the word to your friends and family! Share it on social media, post it in a public place, or e-mail it to anyone you think may be interested.

Thank you! 


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