Mission and Vision

Our mission is to equip entrepreneurs to cultivate thriving communities.
Our vision is to empower marginalized people to work with dignity,
to live in thriving communities, and to experience the joy of wholeness.

Working with Dignity

We cannot “serve” people out of poverty. What we can do is put tools in their hands and empower them to change their own lives through dignified work. We believe work is redemptive; it gives dignity, purpose, and meaning to disempowered lives.

Thriving in Community

We are committed to partner only with entrepreneurs who live and work alongside the people they employ. This proximity allows a deeper understanding of the community and enables them to model a healthy community.

Experiencing Wholeness

Lasting change occurs when people and communities are transformed holistically. We long to see formerly impoverished people become so healthy that they not only meet their own needs but address the needs of the greater community.