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Our model has produced significant results among several communities in northern India.

Read stories of lives changed and joy restored among our Indian communities.
This year we are also expanding into the Golden Triangle region (along the border of Thailand and Myanmar).

Northern India

Within five years, partner entrepreneurs and their many cooperatives have been able to create more than 300 jobs. This translates to thriving communities of people across northern India. Through regular assessments of individuals and families, we have seen improvements in all six dimensions of health across these communities:

  • 146: The number of job that have been created by our partner entrepreneurs and their cooperatives
  • 100: The percentage of people who have access to healthcare
  • 31: The average number of months that those who have struggled with addiction have remained sober
  • 4: The number of men living in a support house for those who have struggled with addiction
  • 91: The number of people across four communities who enjoy daily breakfasts and lunches together
  • 100: The percentage of people in our communities who have received vocational and skill development training
  • 100: The percentage of people in our communities with access to clean water, which has cut down instances of illness and infection by more than half
  • 60: The number of people who have purchased homes, vehicles, land, or other basic needs through our micro loan program
  • 56: The percentage of people in our communities who have received financial training and have money saved
  • 25: The number of children whose parents take advantage of our education subsidies to send their children to school
  • 18: The number of children enjoying on-site childcare where their parents work
  • 20: The number of people and their families who enjoy safer, more suitable living arrangements thanks to rent and housing subsidies
  • 100: The percentage of those who came to our communities as former refugees and who now enjoy legal citizenship
  • 70: The percentage of people who have taken advantage of adult education in the form of English, computer, and/or business training
  • 12: The number or people who get help with transportation to and from work

All across northern India, communities of formerly marginalized people are learning to care for themselves and their families. They have purpose, identity, dignity, and community. They are even daring to dream of the future.

What we are most proud of is that all of these successes have been accomplished under the guidance of local leaders—many of whom have overcome significant challenges such as poverty, addiction, and abuse. With JoyCorps’ help, these local leaders have received training and resources to become not only healthier individuals, but influential members of the community.

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Thailand/Myanmar Border

JoyCorps and its founders have had tremendous success supporting business and community development in India for the past seven years. This August we will expand our efforts to the “Golden Triangle”—a region near the border of Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos—where incredible poverty and lack of economic opportunity have left the ethnic minorities there highly vulnerable to exploitation by the drug and sex trades proliferating in the region.

We believe the most significant impact we can have in the global fight against human trafficking is job creation in at-risk regions. Why job creation? People who lack economic opportunity are at the highest risk of being trafficked. Even among those who are able to escape, up to 70% fall back in to exploitation when they can’t find another way to make a living.

Our work will focus on:

Ultimately, we desire to see hope restored to this broken region through holistic community development and sustainable economic opportunities.

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