Our Model

We are not a charity.

We are a catalyst for sustainable community transformation.

Many charities provide only development support to marginalized communities. While relief is often welcome, it is a short-term solution at best. Many businesses provide only jobs. While jobs are desperately needed, marginalized communities are often too broken to support sustainable business.

JoyCorps is pioneering a model where entrepreneurs and nonprofits leverage each other’s strengths to transform marginalized communities holistically and sustainably. Why this partnership?

The creation of sustainable employment opportunities is the only way to fight poverty effectively in the developing world, yet it is extremely challenging for businesses operating in such environments to succeed. We partner with missional entrepreneurs who have chosen to work in these places, and we equip them with resources that help their businesses succeed and their communities thrive.

“Service may temporarily improve the quality of life for individuals being served, but service alone will never empower a community to rise out of poverty. Moving the needle in a positive direction requires a two-pronged approach: economic and community development.”
—Robert Lupton, Charity Detox

Long-term change must
involve two powerful factors:

Long-term change must involve two powerful factors:


Entrepreneur Support


Community Support