Entrepreneur Support

According to the UN, a top priority action that should be taken to eradicate poverty in the developing world is “improving access to sustainable livelihoods and entrepreneurial opportunities.”

Entrepreneurs operating in marginalized communities face tremendous challenges.

Various barriers to commerce—corruption, illiteracy, inadequate infrastructure, currency fluctuations, bureaucratic red tape, lack of access to investors and capital, limited access to thriving markets, lack of training among the work force—all make it nearly impossible to do business profitably in these regions.

How can business succeed in such extreme circumstances?

JoyCorps equips our partner entrepreneurs to navigate the complex challenges they face, connecting them to the resources they need in order to empower their communities to thrive.

“Where I live, it’s so difficult to run small businesses. A lot of funds are used up dealing with red tape and bribing government officials. The employees of a company usually take the brunt of this, as just keeping a business afloat usually means that business owners have to keep costs (like salaries and wages) low. Because of this, the employees really suffer.”
—Suneli Saladi, JoyCorps partner entrepreneur

Resources We Provide

Vocational Training

Infrastructure Support

Business Strategy and Mentoring

Advocacy for Justice

Connection to Investors

Development of Products

Cultivation of Markets

Community Development

Read how this support has had an impact on our partner entrepreneurs.

Case Studies