There is great need for medical assistance in areas of extreme poverty. Some of our artisans grew up begging on the streets, and many have spent their lives suffering from hunger, abuse, addictions, disorders, and chronic illnesses.


This project helps to supplement our artisans’ medical care, and we are very involved in ensuring they receive the care they need. Sometimes they don’t know where to go, and oftentimes they are discriminated against and receive inadequate treatment.

We have helped many of our artisans receive treatment for a variety of health problems and illnesses, yet there is still much we would like to do:

  • Vaccinations. We would love to vaccinate our artisans and their families. Most of the widespread illness in India is completely preventable.
  • Prosthetics. Three of our artisans have been debilitated by polio since childhood. The ability to walk would change their lives and restore their dignity, especially in a place where physical defects are unfortunately considered shameful.
  • Hearing aids. One of our artisans cannot enunciate anything because he suffers from poor hearing. A simple hearing aid could be life-changing for him. He’s a beautiful boy who would sing if he could!
  • Counseling services. Our artisans suffer from the hardships common to all people—marriage troubles, bereavement, miscarriage, family problems, and the like. Then there are the problems that seem to be exacerbated by poverty and are all too common in the underdeveloped world: spousal and parental abuse, neglect, abandonment, and drug addiction. Our artisans would benefit greatly from professional counseling services. We’re all about holistic change—we think healthy minds and hearts are as important as healthy bodies.

If you would like to contribute to the medical needs of our artisans, please consider supporting our Medical project.


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