Providing two daily meals to our artisans is one of the best ways we can improve their long-term health. We have a full-time cook who prepares nutritious mid-day meals that include a much-needed protein every day. A typical lunch consists of daal (legumes), a vegetable, rice, and yogurt. For many of our artisans, this lunch is the main meal of the day.

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We also provide all of our artisans with a fresh egg every morning, five days a week. Our artisans enjoy these eggs, because most of them don’t eat a very healthy breakfast. We also benefit the business of a local man who supplies our eggs. So it’s a win-win; by supplying our artisans with much-needed protein, we also bless the local economy. If you’re ever in town, drop by around 10:00 AM for a hot boiled egg and some chai!

These meals mean more than healthy bodies; they also create a healthy community. All of the artisans sit down and eat together, talk together, and laugh together. Something special happens when a group of coworkers share daily meals together—it becomes a family.

Our nutrition plan is also plain good business practice. The healthier the team is, the healthier the business can be. It translates into fewer sick days and stronger artisans who can work harder and more efficiently.

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The community garden is essential both because vegetables are nutritious and because growing them ourselves prevents illness. Fresh, clean vegetables can be difficult to find in Rajpur; those available in the market are usually contaminated with E. Coli and other bacteria. We have a full-time gardener who currently grows potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, broccoli, green beans, spinach, lettuce, corn, okra, and carrots. We have four growing seasons in India and can grow vegetables year-round. The garden is a great way to work with the resources we have available.




We provide purified water in all our workplaces and encourage the artisans to drink only this water. It cuts down immensely on the number of water-bourn illnesses that are too common in India.

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If you would like to help us continue supporting the ongoing health of our artisans and their children, please consider supporting our Nutrition project.


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