Vocational Training

In India, vocational training costs a lot of money. Most people can afford neither the fees nor the time away from the daily struggle to survive. JoyCorps wants to provide vocational training free of cost throughout our partner communities.

Guitar Building Vocational Training

It’s a huge task. Many of the people in dire need of jobs have very little education or skills, so training them is both time-consuming and costly. In order to become a skilled artisan capable of producing items that can compete in Western markets, six to twelve months of training are required. For about $100 a month, we can train someone to become skilled in woodworking. For about $75 a month, we can train someone to become skilled in stitching or block printing.

It is ultimately not sustainable for our partner businesses to carry this burden alone, so JoyCorps helps them offset these costs. We are also raising funds to build new facilities that will house our Vocational Training Center!

Print Blocking Vocational Training

If you would like to help train our artisans, please consider supporting our Vocational Training project.


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