Bobby and Krishna

Early in 2014, one of our employees came to work with a man named Bobby and his young son, Krishna; the pair had been living on the streets for more than six months. Like so many others, Bobby couldn’t find work. But their situation was a bit different because Bobby and Krishna had no family to support them. You see, their family had rejected them because Krishna suffers from hearing loss and autism. A common belief in Indian culture is that people with disabilities are cursed—and worse, that anyone living in close proximity with them can become cursed as well. Tragically, this leads many people to abandon family members with disabilities. Not only are these children struggling with the impediments of their disabilities, but they are often walking through these struggles either alone or—worse—with opposition. Thankfully, Bobby would not abandon his son as the rest of the family did. Something led him to believe the truth that his son was special, and it transformed the child’s life.


From the moment Bobby and Krishna came through our door, their lives changed. Bobby is now working for one of our partner businesses, and we can already tell that he is a hard worker who will thrive here. It has been such a joy to watch him transform through steady work and the benefits of regular, healthy meals provided through our Nutrition project. He stands up straighter, dresses neater, and glows with purpose and dignity. His new glasses, funded through our Medical project, help him see more clearly. We’ve benefited from his many keen insights about the nature of poverty and how to help others.

Krishna, too, has transformed since he came into our nurturing environment. When we first met him, he stayed a safe distance away from any other person, yelling and throwing rocks. But in just a few short months, he learned to enjoy hugs, high-fives, and kisses on the cheek. Though he has only 15 percent of his hearing, Krishna loves to put his ear right up to the guitar when someone is playing, and his beautiful smile transforms his face.  Through our Education project, he is also is flourishing at his new school for children with hearing loss. Being in school has filled his days with purpose.


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