Karma and Nyima

Karma and Nyima are Tibetans who came over the Himalayan Mountains to find work in India. They left their two-year-old son behind in the care of his grandparents with the idea that they’d come back for him once they were settled. Like so many lured by the promise of work, Karma and Nyima were unable to find jobs. Yet without the proper paperwork needed to return to Tibet, they were stuck in India . . . for three years.

Imagine missing three of your child’s birthdays.

Nyima Karma and Sonam

Karma and Nyima were thrilled when they finally found jobs with one of our partner businesses. Their new employers helped Karma obtain documentation so she could return to Tibet for her son, Sonam. She walked for two weeks, by foot, over the mountains, to be reunited with her now five-year-old. Finally the family was together again. Not only that, but they now enjoy a dual income and, under JoyCorps’ Education project, Sonam is able to attend school. Already he speaks English and is thriving.

Karma and Sonam

Karma knows that her son—and his sibling on the way—will not grow up in poverty as his parents did. She knows that the cycle is broken, that her children have a future.

Recently, the couple was able to use our Community Fund to buy a new scooter! It’s a dream come true for this couple, who have never owned transportation before.

nyima_karma scooter


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