Beautiful Malti always has a smile on her face, even though she spent her youth on the street, digging through trash to find bottles for money. At the age of 16, she joined the Street Smart program, got valuable training, and soon landed a job with one of our partner businesses.

Malti sewing

Though surrounded by a sea of peers who had chosen lives of begging, Malti never gave in. She has an air of dignity hidden beneath her giggly teenaged exterior. When you look at Malti, you would never guess that she is the main breadwinner for her household. She works a full-time job as a stitcher for one of our partner businesses and then goes home to prepare meals and care for three siblings.

After the requisite eight months working full-time, Malti couldn’t wait to approach the local Community Fund board with a formal proposal she’d written out—a request for a $200 loan. With this money she could finally secure a lawyer to help her recover land that was rightfully hers. She got her land back! And now she and her sibling are off the streets—all because of $200.

Within a few months, Malti had paid back her loan in full. She was eager to pay back the money because she knew that once it was back in the Community Fund, someone else just like her would have the opportunity for a brighter future as well.


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