Meena was forced into an abusive marriage at a young age, and when she was just 16, desperation drove her to attempt suicide. Meena survived, but she endured extensive burns to her entire body and an excruciating recovery. It was in the hospital that a nun cared for Meena and gave her hope.

Meena’s experiences have given her incredible compassion for others, and JoyCorps recently hired her part-time to help with our artisan care. She keeps each artisan’s personal file up to date, takes them to medical appointments, provides progress updates, and schedules weekly counseling sessions. Our artisans are comfortable being transparent with Meena, probably because she is a local woman who speaks their language and because of all she has so visibly suffered.

Meena’s scars continue to cause her pain and difficulty, but at the end of 2014 we got some wonderful news: on the fourth anniversary of her accident, we received a donation to our Medical project for the full amount needed to pay for corrective surgery! Meena has had one surgery and will have several more. The tissue extenders will help to repair her face, lips, and neck so that she will never have such pain again.


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